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Oxo Gallery show 'a river runs through it' in September 2016


Filming for the 2016 Sky Arts Landscape artist of the year competition. This round was filmed at Scotney Castle in Kent - an exhausting but fun day out in my own little booth, miked and filmed all day!

Roger Federer commission for the BBC at Wimbledon Tennis Club:


I was asked to draw Roger Federer whilst he was being interviewed, the charcoal drawing process was also filmed and broadcast just before the Wimbledon Final. My hand is famous!

I only had five minutes so it was a very quick sketch, made whilst the interview was underway and surrounded by filming equipment. I've never done work like that before but it was a unique and fascinating experience. The production team were incredibly helpful and even took time to show me around their outside broadcast units.

Roger Federer drawing movie link

Richard Knight paintings

Commissioned by Ali Mass to celebrate Mickey Moody's birthday in 2016. This painting was created from a publicity photo/screen grab from an early band SNAFU.

This painting was commissioned for the reception area of Talis Capital in Wimbledon Village and delivered in late 2017.

upcoming events:

Battersea Affordable Art Fair - April 2018

Wimbledon Art Fair - May 2018

recent exhibitions and events:

#texture:- solo show A&D gallery, London Nov. 2017

Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead - May 2017

Wimbledon Open Studios - May 2017

Affordable Art Fair, Battersea - March 2017

Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year competition 2016

Wimbledon Open Studios - November 2016

Oxo Gallery, a river runs throught it

A group show with five artists exhibiting at the Oxo building. 6-12 September

Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead - June 2016

Wimbledon Open Studios - May 2016

Affordable Art Fair, Battersea - March 2016

Claremont Gallery two man show - March 2016

Menier Gallery joint show - February 2015

Affordable Art Fair, Battersea - March 2015

Wimbledon Open Studios - May 2015

Wimbledon Open Studios - November 2015

M1 Gallery Christmas show - December 2015

M1 Gallery, Greenwich, solo show - November 2014

Wimbledon Open Studios - November 2014